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Large collection of Muay Thai boxing gloves and MMA gloves, lace and velcro from 8oz to 16oz, boxing gloves can be customized for gyms or pro fighters.

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Much like in other sports, everyone knows that the right equipment allows you to perform at your highest level. As more people swear by its ability to burn fat and to develop lean, well-toned, and strong physiques, boxing for leisure and as a sport has grown in popularity. Although fighting without gloves enables boxers to throw more lightning-fast punches, the dangers of severe damage and injuries make wearing these mitts handy. Varying in sizes, features, and ounces, here’s a breakdown of what you need to consider when choosing the ideal boxing gloves.

Muay Thai gloves - lace

“White” Lace Boxing Gloves

  • THB: 94,750฿ - 109,890฿

Why do you need to wear gloves when boxing?

From a boost in self-confidence to relief from stress, there is a world of reasons why boxing has fast become everyone's favorite workout. As the number of people throwing jabs, hooks, and uppercuts has rapidly increased, it is important to understand that the quality of boxing gloves you use plays a crucial role in protecting both you and your spar mate. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced boxer, let's bring the benefits of a good-quality boxing glove to the corner.

Prevents Hand Injuries

Since the bones of our fists are small and delicate, the density of the skull, as well as most parts of the body, can be too unforgiving for such fragile hands. Designed for precise movements such as writing or catching, using an unprotected hand to strike another person may result in damaged hand bones.

Averts Finger Joint Displacement

As our finger joints are vulnerable to the effects of a punch, boxing gloves are worn to provide them with cushioning. While the punch's impact may cause devastating damage to the knuckles, your gloves serve as a shield as they work on distributing the force equally.

Provides Wrist Support

Known to take a longer time to recover, wrist injuries can result from the momentum of a boxing punch. By giving your wrist the stability to withstand the shock of frequent and relentless punches, boxing gloves can help prevent injuries that may threaten the career of a boxer.

Protects Your Opponents

Since it is common to see competitors bleed from cuts during a match, it is necessary to employ ways that will somehow decrease the effect of each punch. The larger area in which hits land as a result of wearing boxing gloves reduces the impact, helping protect boxers from serious physical and internal injuries. Although the effects of a blow are more destructive without the gloves, wearing gloves reduces the risks of the fight ending in a blood bath.

As training in combat sports such as mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, and boxing continues to gain great popularity, sporting the proper equipment for protection and safety is of the utmost importance. And since our hands are too delicate to strike another person's head without it getting hurt in return, boxing gloves serve to protect a boxer's hand and his rival from serious injuries.

SKS Empire

While the brand of boxing glove you choose does not really matter, there are a handful of top boxing equipment manufacturers that make excellent gloves. Used by a host of boxers for the exceptional hand and wrist protection that they offer, SKS Empire boxing gloves are some of the best pairs that help prevent serious injuries in combat sports. Designed to allow the fighters to swing harder, these amazing gloves let you deliver more damage to your opponent without needing to worry about the risks of hand injuries.

With origins coming from a well-known Muay Thai gym in Thailand, SKS Empire aims to provide nothing but high-quality Muay Thai boxing shorts and gloves, as well as gears, at affordable prices, not just in the growing number of Muay Thai camps in Thailand but around the world as well. Available in various designs, functions, and sizes, these premium Muay Thai and MMA boxing gloves land in velcro and lace, which can be customized for gyms and to suit the needs of professional fighters.

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